Friday, December 29, 2006

The First of Many!

It's a rainy December day and this is my first stab at a post on a blog site so please bear with me as I'm not an expert yet. Come to think of it, probably never will be! Anyway, thanks for coming to our site to stay up to date on the unfolding story of adoption that we're starting.

Here's the beginning...

About 2 months ago after attending an informational meeting led by America World Adoption Agency we decided to move forward with that agency and start the process. After attending a day-long seminar for people interested in adopting, both Gina and I felt that we should continue to move ahead even with all the issues that come with international adoption. So, a couple weeks ago, I filled out the application online and requested a little girl age 1-3 from Ukraine!

As of today, we have finished all our paperwork for the home study! We hope to have that portion of the process done within the next month, but aren't really sure what to expect as we've heard that with adoption the motto is..."hurry up and wait." So, we'll see.

But, for now, the application is in, the home study has begun, and now we pray and wait to see what God has for us next. We're excited!


Jeff said...

Congrats Hollands! But if you wanted some children I would havve let you adopt all 7 of ours! (just kidding) Children are a blessing from the Lord.

Jeff Munns

cwarrick said...

Dave & Gina,
This is a wonderful keep others posted on the exciting story of your adoption. Thanks for including us in on this adventure and mission. We will be praying, and will be checking back here to see how God works.

TheMartins said...

Hey D&G
We couldn't be more excited for you. You know we are thinking of you and praying for the little girl God has all picked out for you. What a treasured heart she has in Jesus!!
Carissa * Scott