Saturday, March 24, 2007


If you ever adopt, please contact us first so we can help you with one of the most maddening pieces: Dealing with a doctor and the form that needs to be filled out correctly! Finally, after THREE WEEKS of dealing with the doctors office, we have our forms completed and the home study is officially ready to be sent off to the powers that be. Neither of us would have thought this would have been so much of a rat-race, but this little stage of the race is finally over!

Now we'll be engaged in the waiting game with the Department of Homeland Security waiting for fingerprints and finalization allowing us to bring a child back from foreign soil to enable them to be a US citizen. Who knows how long that will take, but thankfully we have a field office here in Omaha. Please pray for us to be patient as we wait on God's timing. Once the form is in hand, the rest of the documents should be able to be sent fairly quickly to Ukraine for translation. Once they have the documents we're unsure about a couple things: how long before we head over and how the heck we're going to pay for this! But, we'll keep you posted!

There's another piece of stress that hit the radar recently. We learned a couple weeks ago that at the start of the year, Ukraine had decided to adopt 1,000 children to the USA in 2007. This has changed to 580. Apparently they change things quite a bit, but that kind of news just adds fuel to the fire of our impatience!

So, this week we will apply for a grant to help pay for this whole deal! Please pray that God gives us favor and that He grants us funds to help pay for this faith endeavor.

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