Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Last week we headed to the Department of Homeland Security and were fingerprinted! Once we get our approval from the federal government, we should be a few days away from sending paperwork on to our adoption agency who will send it on to Ukraine to be translated.

So, we're nearing the end of the "paper pregnancy" and will soon be in a holding pattern awaiting our appointment date to head overseas to spend 5 luxurious weeks in Eastern Europe trying to figure out how to say things like:

- Where's the bathroom?
- Are these vegetables from Chernobyl (this is apparently a problem due to the radiation issues from the disaster years back)?
- Where's the closest internet cafe (gotta be able to check email, right?)?

We're not sure exactly how long we'll have to wait for the appointment date, but are hoping it will be sometime in the summer, possibly early fall. Ukraine just pulled back the number of children they will adopt to families in the U.S. to 580 . That coupled with the reality that documents from the U.S. can only be submitted on Mondays with a maximum of 8 for our whole country.

Lastly, we would appreciate your prayers for a couple grants we have applied for. We should know the outcome of one of them in early May. We could definitely use these as we still have to come up with/raise about $23K!


Valerie Calderon said...

Thank you for the update. We'll pray for money!

Jeff said...

Know that God has all the details worked out! Now that's faith! I am praying God's best for you guys.