Friday, March 7, 2008

March 7th

Our facilitator was not given an invitation this week for us to return for a second appointment. Go figure. He was told that invitations might come next week. Anyone want to place a bet?

Oh well, this is not our biggest concern right now. We just got word of a family who is returning home without a child. They had received three referrals (we've been told you only get two) and went to three regions only to be going home with no child.

We're also hearing of other families who are refusing first referrals, but we haven't gotten to see what is happening at second appointments yet.

We're trusting God's will in all this. Thanks for your prayers. Please pray that we would see God move to release more orphans.



MamaPoRuski said...

Another couple just got word last week that after 6 months of dossier waiting in Ukraine that their submission date is the end of April-no idea on travel time frame...don't know if that helps you or not! (The wait is the worst!)

Vince , Shelly and Maddie said...

Hope your second appointment comes soon and you can get this done and get the child you know is waiting for you. We have just submitted our dossier and feel for you. We have a child who will start kindergarten in August and are hoping to have this done by then, but that's probably way optimistic. We are thinking of taking her with us.

Kathy & Matt said...

Dave and Gina,
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that there are a lot of us out here following your journey (even while you wait) and praying for you. Hopefully that provides a little comfort and peace as you wait to hear more.

Christine said...

None of this makes sense. It is all so crazy. I just one appointment. :)

Joy Rae said...

Hi - I have been reading your blog. I am sorry to hear of the troubles with the SDA. It is hard to believe they do not have many children to show.

Hopefully soon you will hear!!

ken and joy rae