Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Any News?

It's funny b/c we met some people online that are in the same situation we are processing through this stage of the adoption in Ukraine. They are having the same conversations with their friends and family as we are. The dominant question: So, do you have any news? The dominant response: Nope.

Well, here's some news...

We did get word from our family coordinator saying that she spoke with our facilitator (Yuri) in Ukraine and the scoop is that he spoke with a staff psychologist at the state department of adoption (SDA) and the plan is to invite families waiting for a second appointment back when there is a child matching their request (we were hoping for that!). Tomorrow, January 9th, Yuri has a meeting with the Deputy Director of the SDA to share our situation and to get clear answers regarding approximate travel dates based on when children matching our request will be available. This meeting is going down @ 3 p.m. Kiev time (7 a.m. Omaha time...but you can see that thanks to those saavy clocks we loaded on the site!)

Would you please join us in prayer for that meeting tomorrow? Please pray for the following:

  • That Yuri would have a productive meeting with the Director and that they would be honest and straightforward giving clear directions on what we can expect upon our return.
  • That we would have a much clearer picture regarding travel dates
  • That our second appointment would ultimately yield the little girl that matches our request

Tomorrow we're having to start the process of updating forms. We get to start with the medical form! This one was by far the most difficult one to complete the first time around. We have to go get another HIV, syphillis, hepatitis B, and TB test. I'm wondering what our insurance company thinks of all this? What would you think if someone came in to a clinic within one year of previously having these tests for high-risk behaviors? "This is for adoption!" "Yeah...sure!" Hmmmm......

Anyway, would you please spend some time in prayer over the course of the rest of today and tomorrow on our behalf? We'll let you know what we know when they tell us what went down!


gwarrick said...

Dave & Gina, Thanks for the update. We'll be praying for this appt. May God accomplish His perfect will for you and for the little girl he desires to place in your family.
Gary & Cherry

Stacy said...

I'll be praying for all of you. Thanks for the update.

beth said...

Sounds like good news.
May God bless your family with the child he has already chosen on your next trip.
Dailing up for you.

Jeff said...

You're in our prayers be patient....


Kathy & Matt said...

Hopefully this will mean good news. We will be in prayer for you!

We had to update our dossier last summer, before it was submitted. It's a hassle, but worth it in the long run.

We leave in 11 days. Hopefully some of this new thinking will be evident when we have our appt.

You're in our prayers!

Christine said...

Just found your blog. Intersting. Hope you get another appointment soon. Since I haven't had the chance to catch up on your blog, can you refresh me why your first appointment didn't go well? I would much appreciate it. :)

BTW, We are adopting our 11th child, a little boy from Ukraine. Hi.

Dave said...

Hi, Christine. Thanks for visiting. I'm interested to read up on your journey too. 11 kids! Really?! You get the super-mom award.
If you go back to our blog on Dec. 6, you can read about our first SDA appointment and why we returned. We are requesting an unknown, 14-36-month-old girl, as healthy as possible.