Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pointless Meeting

Our facilitator Yuri did meet with the Deputy Minister. However, "they were not very helpful," according to our family coordinator. They still will not give approximate dates. She went on to write: "...we expect that they will check with Yuri when they potentially have children available which match what your request is regarding your openness to them and then you will be invited. This means that it appears we are back to where we started with the second appointment. The timing however is up in the air." We have to watch our dossier documents and make sure they are updated, which we've already been doing. More waiting. More money.

David is starting to get used to the idea of going a month or so later than we had planned. Being able to have warmer weather while we're there would be nice. But there's still that nagging urgency to get our daughter out of the orphanage and finally home.


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Kathy & Matt said...

You remain in our prayers.