Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blood Work and Med Forms...Again

After getting our lab results back (you'll be happy to know we are still free from Hepatitis B, Syphilis, and HIV), we went in to get our medical forms updated. (Since our adoption hasn't been completed yet, we're having to make sure all forms in our dossier stay current.)

You may remember last year it was a major hassle to get these filled out correctly by the doctors and nurse staff. It took several tries (mainly by my doctor), and after finally getting it done right, I got a bill for $100--just for having the paper signed, in addition to what we paid for physicals, blood work, and all that. One of my big fears was having to re-do this form, and low and behold, we had to re-do it.

We went in yesterday, and thankfully it was a breeze! We both went to David's doctor this time, and he was very careful to make sure all the details were just right. He even walked down to the pharmacy with us to make sure it was notarized correctly by the notary-pharmacist, and let us carefully watch the process. Thank God for Dr. Bott! And for something smooth in this volatile process!

This week in Omaha, we'll be in the single digits. This makes Ukraine's 30's sound balmy. We know it's different when you have to be out in it, though. We're thankful to be able to go from building to car to building. We are so blessed here!


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Kathy & Matt said...

You're right about the weather in Ukraine feeling balmy for those of us from the upper midwest. We're from MN and these temps (20-30's) have felt mild. You woudn't know it from the way everyone here dresses though. They are bundled from head to foot as if it was below zero.