Sunday, December 9, 2007

Delta Flight #89, 137, and 4923

We started the journey back home on Saturday @ 12:30 Kiev time (4:30 a.m. central). We touched down in Omaha about 30 hours later at 10:30 a.m. Sunday morning. We did have a 6 hour break in there and were able to catch some Z's at the ATL Embassy Suites thanks to our good friends the Giambattistas cashing in some hotel points to give our heads a place to rest (thanks guys for your extreme generosity...we were weary travelers to say the least and that helped clear the fog! You guys are amazing friends!).

It was rough getting out there, rough getting back, but we're home now and will begin the wait for the second appointment. We were told at the SDA that there were about 100 families ahead of us awaiting a referral for a child in our age range and could expect to wait 1-3 months. Not the most ideal situation, but that's what we've been dealt so we'll deal with it. The second appointment is supposed to match us up with a child that more closely resembles what we put in our documents (14-36 month old girl with minor, correctable health issues). So, we'll be praying hard for this to be a good referral.

We're all wiped out right now. Davi went to bed this evening at 4:45...we're headed that way right now even though it's only 6:30. We're all excited that we get to spend Christmas at home, but really wish that we had our other little girl with us to share in the memories. Next year, I guess. Davi is also anxious to go to school tomorrow and see her friends. Plus, they're having pancakes for of her favorites!

Before I sign off, let me leave you with a few things we learned along the way in our travels:

* Your weight limit on luggage is 50 lbs per piece of luggage...domestic or international. We made it through Omaha and Kiev with no problem, but the fine Delta reps in Atlanta slapped us with a $50 charge for our ginormous bag. They wouldn't cut us any slack! My advice, take it or leave it, take smaller suitcases and use your 2 checked baggage limit. Your wallet and your back with thank you for it in the long run anyway!

* Don't forget your cell phone at home when you're traveling...ever! My discovery during this trip is that pay phones at airports have a horrible tendency to make you think they work. If you must use a pay phone when the operator first the make sure the handset works before you dial in with your phone card. That nifty little trick just saved you $1.56 surcharge for using a pay phone!

* If your traveling to Kiev don't ask for too much ketchup at McDonald's! They don't just hand it out there or allow you to squirt it in those little buckets like here. You pay for it there...about a quarter for the equivalent of 2 little packets. Oh, they don't do refills either.

Well, guess that's it for now. We'll keep you posted on what's going on. Check back soon for a little video of the trip! Until next time...


Jason, Erica, and Ashton Reed said...

Welcome back to the US! Aren't free refills and free ketchup wonderful (let's not forget the relatively clean tap water). Just be glad that you didn't have to ride 16 hours on the train and then still not receive a good referral (your luggage probaby wouldn't fit in the train aisles!). We're praying for you!
The Reeds

Dave said...

Yeah, we're glad there was a train ride involved. Thanks to your hair-raising experience we were able to avoid that! We were pretty set on not going somewhere b/c people thought there might be a chance that the child is OK only to find a sick child.

We'll definitely pack differently the next time around. Maybe even all have a smaller carry-on suitcase so that we can make sure our stuff gets there. We'll pack one more and check it so we have plenty of room for our stuff. We'll see!

Stephanie and Nathan Huisman said...

Hi Dave and Gina:

I can imagine there have been a lot of different emotions flowing around your family over these last few weeks...and what a trip to make only to go home without your little girl. She is waiting for you, and God knows who she is already. I hope the time goes quickly and that you have God's peace aboue all of this.