Friday, December 21, 2007

New Info

Here's the latest from our family coordinator at the adoption agency we're going through. Continued "good news" from Ukraine!

Dear Ukraine Families,

America World received an initial reports today based on a meeting that occurred at the SDA that the previously announced 2008 quota would be abolished in it’s current form. Currently the 2008 quota is broken down by country and by age of children. The quota may be changed to be one total number for 2008, without specification for how many dossiers any one country can submit and for any particular age range. The total number for 2008 may be 1500. I would stress that this is initial information and is subject to change at any time, especially as new leadership is expected within the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports.

I would continue to expect potential difficulties and delays for families seeking to adopt children under 6 years old due to availability. There are currently 125 families reported to be waiting for second appointments, the majority seeking to adopt children under age 4. It is anticipated that these families will be invited back to the SDA for a second appointment between January 14, 2008 and February 29, 2008. This again is initial information.

I would stress that this is information as of today. We do not know what the future will look like in reality. We would strongly encourage families in the Ukraine program to consider their flexibility in the age and health of children.

Keep praying for us. We're supposed to find out more info on Monday when our in-country facilitator meets with some officials at the State Department of Adoption. We'll keep you posted regarding what we find out!


Kathy & Matt said...

Thanks for leaving your post on our blog. It is definitely great to read every family's experience that we can. We are trying to prepare as best possible, but it is so uncertain. As I read the comments you made prior to your SDA appt, I felt like I was reading many conversations and prayers that my husband and I have had.
We aren't taking our daughter which was a really tough decision. But we figured it might be best for her to be with family and friends her and keep her schedule, plus allow us to focus on the task at hand.
Do you know when you might travel back? We leave 1/19 for an appt on 1/23. Who knows what we'll encounter. Praying for clarity and discernment as we know God has a plan in progress!
Please feel free to keep in touch. Our email:

Kathy & Matt said...

PS - LOVED your Cribs video!!
Cracked me up!