Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The SDA Appointment

Well, it went about as well as everyone else seems to have experienced before us. Lots of sick children with extreme delays, one that will be 4 in a few days with microenchaplitis (small head) and fetal alcohol syndrome, and a little one about 2 1/2 who apparently has a medical condition she's grown out of. We saw a picture of her and we've got some serious questions b/c from the picture it seems like there may be fetal alcohol syndrome, but it's hard to tell.

There are many frustrating parts, but right now we're going to wait and see if our facilitator can get a hold of the doctor in the region where the 2 1/2 year old is to diagnose her medical condition. It's possible that we'll head out to the region tomorrow, but neither of us is at peace with that and we expected God to be a little clearer. I, David, had been praying over specific Scriptures dealing with wisdom, discernment, peace, and God's leadership so you could imagine the frustration and weariness after the events of the day.

So, we'll see what tomorrow morning yields. It's possible we head out to the SE part of the country via an overnight train ride to see the child. After all the travel junk we've dealt with I'm sure you can appreciate our tentativeness on heading out to some outlying area in the country "hoping" that what they (state dept. of adoption and docs in the region) said is true. That coupled with seeing a child and if she has obvious issues then having to walk away rejecting that child...something we have not been relishing at all during this whole process.

So, we'd continue to appreciate any prayers you can fire off for us. It's been an ordeal so far...we were hoping it would yield some more fruit at this stage in the game, but I suppose we'll have to see. If we do not choose a child this time around it looks like we would be coming home this week and would have a second referral anywhere from 1-3 months from now that SUPPOSEDLY matches our request.

We'll keep you posted as events unfold as quickly as we can. Wish we had more good news to tell you, but now we're still in a holding pattern.

We know...

* God has a plan
* He's calling the shots
* He can speak clearly
* We'll wait on Him to do all these things so we know what step to take!


Jason, Erica, and Ashton Reed said...

We are REALLY praying HARD for you! We can't wait to read how things went. Did the SDA allow Yuri in the appt? Follow your heart - we're praying that God will give you ultimate peace and direction!

The Reeds

darlagiam said...

Svetty is out there. You'll know her when you see her. Know that we're praying!
Darla & FD

Miss Linda said...

God is the business of doing the impossible. Continue to trust His hand.
When He has tried us we shall come forth like gold.
Praying, Miss Linda