Saturday, December 1, 2007

We're Here!

Well...we're not in Kiev, but we're staying the night in Boston at the Hilton thanks to my brother-in-law cashing in honors points for our stay!

Anyway, we sat at the gate in Omaha for 2 1/2 hours in the middle of that lovely ice storm and were finally cleared for takeoff. When we finally arrived in Cincinatti we missed both possible options for the next leg to New York and then on to Kiev. So, we were re-routed and now tomorrow we head to NY, then the Budapest, then to Kiev.

There's one small piece that I forgot to mention...our bag is lost and no one knows where to find it! I'm heading back to the airport in the next few minutes to file a claim for lost baggage. Apparently the first time around the lady didn't follow procedure and was supposed to do this, but didn't! So, now I'm a little lit up for having to go back to do what should have been done in the first place! Everyone on the phone is so assured that our bag will arrive in Kiev. Me and Gina...not so sure.

Please pray for us...this has been a hard day of jockeying around trying to figure out how to get where we need to go. We were going to come home and hit it again on Monday with the same itinerary, but couldn't get a flight back to Omaha. We were going to go to Paris and then Kiev and then they re-routed us when the ticket was re-issued. Now we fly all over planet earth to get to our destination somehow hoping our bag catches up with us at some point!

So, hopefully it does. All our meds, clothes (yes...including underwear) are in there and we'll have to wear the same thing over and over until our stinkin' bag gets there. Which, based on our current luck on the trip could end up being about when we're ready to leave!

Oh...and when we left our house I forgot my cell phone so there's no way for us to get a hold of anyone! How'd we ever get along without cell phones?


Max said...
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Max said...

Keep holding on to the One who has the perfect schedule in place (yeah, even for your luggage). I know it seems a bit unnerving right now but just keep walking through the open door (the closed ones really give you a headache). The boys have prayed for you every night and will continue to lift you up no matter where you are. We are excited to see how he chooses to glorify Himself. Say, "Hey" to my hometown, New York, New York! :)

Miss Linda said...

Dearest Pastor Dave and Gina,
God is our mountain mover.
Praying much for you all.
Love, Miss Linda

raypowers said...

Dave, I have some underwear you can borrow. All you need is a little bleach. Thought you might need some humor!

Dave said...

Thanks for the offer Ray...I'd heard that when in Europe no need to worry about underclothes so I didn't bring any! :-)