Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Luggage Has Been Liberated!

OK...we finally made it to an internet cafe!

So, here's the scoop:

Day One: The previous blogs update what happened for us to get to Kiev.

Day Two: We landed in Budapest only to find that our luggage was not on the plane and they could not locate it. When we finally arrived in Kiev it was not there either so we had to file a lost luggage report. That's quite an experience when the people behind the desk don't speak very good English, let me tell ya! After about 1.5 hours we cleared that hurdle feeling like we'd never see our stuff again.

When we landed the experience busting through customs in VIP status...Ask me about it all when we're back home...quite interesting.

When we cleared customs we finally met Yuri and he took us to our Kiev crib (heartlanders...hopefully there's a video to come). It's pretty nice and we feel safe there. We ended up crashing about about 8 p.m. Davi had a little bit of a rough night as she is still battling a cold. She's feeling much better, but it made it much harder. We set her up with a movie (there's a TV with a DVD player) and went back to sleep. After her stint with High School Musical 2 she came back to the room and we slept until....ready....2 p.m.! After about 15 hours of sleep we felt a little better! But, still no luggage!

We got a call from Yuri saying our luggage had made it and there was someone who could bring it by the apartment...we declined and asked if we could go out and get it so there were less hands touching it and we could just head out there and liberate it from the hands of the airlines! Going out there to get it was another slick story that I'll have to tell you about when all is said and done...quite interesting!

When we got back we met another family adopting with Yuri @ TGI Fridays in the middle of the city. We hung out and talked for a while and then headed back to the apartment to hug our clothes and meds! We seriously thought that our bag would be AWOL the whole time and we'd have to make some kind of claim and figure out what to do next.

TODAY: It's just about noon (4 a.m. Omaha time) in 3 hours we head to the SDA. If you're reading this before we go, pray for these specifics:

* That Yuri can come to our appointment with us. They have not been letting the facilitators come, but in a conversation last night with him he asked that we insist that this happens.

* Pray that our little girl is at this appointment. Pray that God would unload unbelievable amounts of wisdom, discernment, and peace during our time there.

I guess that's it for now...we'll head back another time soon to keep everyone up to date on what went down at the appointment.

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Miss Linda said...

Dear Ones,
Praise Him as He is the mountain mover and the luggage finder!!!!!!!!!!!
I pray that you would know what is the surpassing greatness of His power to us who believe. He is far above all rule and authority and power and dominion and every name that is named.
Touching you with prayer.
Love, Miss Linda