Wednesday, December 5, 2007

To Mrs. Sweetman's Kindergarten Class

Hello from Davi!

She is starting to feel better from her cold but sure misses you guys! We're not as fun to play with as you guys are. I'm sure she misses eating lunch with you, playing on the playground, and all the Christmas fun things you guys are doing. When we get a chance we'll try to send a postcard from where we are so you can see what it's like here. The weather is like Omaha except it has been cloudy and foggy the whole time, along with the colder weather.

Here's one crazy fact for you...she was on ONE plane ride for the same amount of time from when you start school until you get out. That plane ride was from New York City to Budapest, Hungary! I'm sure Mrs. Sweetman can show you where those places are! Have fun!


hnj said...

Hi kids, mom and I are praing that God smooths the way for you. We love you so very much. Mom and Henry

Mrs. Sweetman said...


Ho! Ho! Ho! We're glad you are feeling better. We can't believe you spent a whole school day on one plane! We think that's so cool!!!

Guess who we talked about last week? St. Nick from Holland! We had fun wearing the wooden shoes around the room. You can wear them when you come back, too. We can't wait to show you the elf house we decorated and the clay elves we made to put inside. We will help you make one when you come back.

We're still waiting for our new friend, Delaney to join our classroom...maybe next week.


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